mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Il nuovo aggiornamento cgminer 3.8 ha tolto il supporto GPU

Come aveva preannunciato qualche tempo fa il noto programmatore Con Kolivas
ha deciso di togliere il supporto alle GPU da cgminer. Quindi chiunque abbia intenzione di minare Litecoin con cgminer si fermi alla versione 3.6.1 che è davvero molto ottimizzata, anche se con le mie prove ho trovato nella 3.4.2 la versione più stabile. Ogni sistema è diverso quindi ognuno faccia le sue prove, l'importante è non provarci con le ultime versioni perchè le GPU proprio non funzioneranno più; viene mantenuta e aggiornata solo la compatibilità con ASIC e FPGA.
Per chi vuole approfondire, questo è quanto è stato fatto con il nuovo aggiornamento (e purtroppo quanto è stato tolto):

Version 3.8.0 - 10th November 2013

- api update version to 2.0 and remove GPU form API-README
-Remove now unused scrypt files.
- api.c remove all GPU/gpu references and correct code as required
- Rudimentary removal of GPU OpenCL and Scrypt features from api.c
- Reorder configure alphabetically for devices to compile and fail if no support
is selected to be compiled in.
- BaB update/format some comments
- BlackArrowBitfury early GPIO V1 driver
- Fine tune the reading of results in bitfury driver to not lose any across work
restarts or corrupt due to store results not parsed during restart.
- Send a zero length packet at the end of every usb transfer on windows in case
libusb internally has batched them into one maxpacket sized.
- Framework for ntime rolling, keep looking for OP_USB_INIT replies when other
packets received
- Configure source for a new BaB driver
- sha2 allow external access to some macros and the K array
- Fixed a math issue when reporting fan speed on the status line.
- Use the main hashlist to store work done in the bitfury driver and remove work
from the list by time, thereby fixing the duplicates at startup. Count hardware
errors for when no match occurs.
- Add a get and queue helper work function.
- Remove GPU mining code.
- Use libusb's own zero length packet support unless we have to emulate it on
windows since only libusb knows for sure if it's needed.
- Unlock the avalon qlock while sending tasks to not hold the lock for an
extended period.
- Sleep in avalon send task on return to the function to allow other code to
work during the sleep period.
- Send zero length packets when terminating a usb write aligned to
- Do the driver flush in avalon code lockless since it can lead to deadlocks.
- Reset the work_restart bool after the scanwork loop in case the driver flushes
work synchronously.
- Only check for the stratum clean message if we have had a valid message.
- Get rid of the stage thread since all work can be asynchronously added now via
hash_push anyway.
- Remove the now incorrect faq entry regarding scrypt difficulty.
- Check for fatal read errors and break out of the read loop in avalon.
- Send errors are basically fatal in avalon driver so break out of the send
tasks loop.
- Make the avalon driver return -1 for hash count when usb fails, allowing the
main loop code to send it the shutdown flag.
- Break out of the hash work loops when a failure is detected instead of
dropping into mt disable.
- Use usbutils' own ftdi parser for avalon and the ftdir's own latency for
managing timeouts since we can wait on reads with completely asynchronous
- Use usbutils' own cps function for slowing rate of usb writes on avalon.
- Fix build for no libcurl
- Check length before submitting sync transfers

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